Our pack- How it all started! 

Chips, the best dog ever, came from a dog rescue. She is the evidence for love at first sight. And love this still lasts. 
After Gunter promised me to help me with my first dog I started looking and comparing the breeds.
I decided to get a Hunting, Nordic or Shepard dog. And it should be a dog from a rescue, because there are enough dogs which need love and help. We visited many animal rescues, but “my dog” was not there. 

And then it happened. 

I came to the Hattersheim Rescue and there she was looking at me. And I was sure: That is my dog! A big black Labrador-Shepard-Mix. Two days later she moved to my apartment. 
She was perfect. And I was so happy to have a dog, that I wanted another one. 

I had a bad consience because I tought she was alone to much. I decided she needs a friend. And that should be an Alaskan Malamute for sure. We heard there was one in a shelter. By visting this shelter we found out that it was not an Alaskan Malamute and Gunter felt in Love with Vincent. And said he will not leave without him.

Ok, Vincent was no Malamute. We got a Podenco Ibicenco instead. Imported from Spain, no social behavior, painful hurt und totally weird. A dog with a very bad history. What else should I say? He was the born hunter and hart to train. Pulling on the leash always, biting “bad” male humans unpredictable. Born in March 1993 in Alicante, he died in April 2005 after being sick for quite a while. I never thought he would leave us so fast. But live is full of suprises.

Calu our first CSV moved in May 2002. We were thinking about getting a dog like her for a long time. We heard good and bad things about the breed. And we could not tell what is right and what is wrong? So we went to see our first CSV in real to find out how the are really like. What should I say- we did what you should not do. Buy the first dog we have seen at the first breeder we visited. And we never regret it. It was wonderful to see the puppies playing, see their parents, and how they behave. We decided to get the most cheeky dog.

A week after Vincent died our phone rang and we were told that we need a male dogs again. Not far from our home there is a CSV looking for a new home. We called the owner and went to see Vidux. After 30 Minutes we know he would fit in our little pack. Now we are complete. It is hard for Chips to live with wolfdogs but she is doing fine. They take care about her but she is also happy, when they are gone and no CSV disturbs her sleeping in her armchair. Each one of the dogs has special tasks- they are a dream team!

June, 13th 2007 Chips died at the age of 17. We were discussing if getting another wolfdog or a Labrador again. Finally, we heard Amber & Beti will have puppies so we decided to ask for one of these puppies and we were very happy when just a week after Chips death Avari Jantarowa Wataha was born. Our live together started with a vacation in the Czech Republic.