Character of CSV
The CSV is a working breed. He was brought up to protect borders and to protect his owner. He should be resitant and he should like working hard and long. And here were some problems. He is able to work hard and long but he is also bored very quickly. He does not like changing Leader and he does not like being treated unfair and hard. He is picking his favourite person himself. He protects his pack very good. He does not like to be alone and when alone in the house, be aware of broken things. He destroys anything when bored or upset. He is not that easy to train as a German Shepard because of some wolfish behavoir. That is also the reason he was not the “Diensthund” they wanted to breed. And when the breeding stations were closed they stopped developing this kind of dog. But there were some lines with high aggressive behaviour as well as were shy dogs. 
Today some people to protection work again but you need to be very careful and friendly. Other dogs are much easier to train. 
He is very talented tracking and tracing, he does agilty, canicross and other types of sport. But he is not easy to handle and it is not a dog to start with. He is not a Sofawolf or Sport-equipment. 
How he developes is depending on his environment. It starts with his birth and it end with his death. Anything in between is shaping him. What he learned in the youth makes him save. If he knows living with people, everday situations it is possible to go everywhere with him. That’s very useful because he does not like to be alone. If he loves, he does it with all his power, if he hates he does it from his heart. He is a learning personality with many ideas and an own will. Of course there are “active” wolf-genes in him. Have you ever thought about the survival of the strongest? That’s how the live. Still. And this makes them survive and different. A CSV will find a way. Always. If not today, then tomorrow