CSV and….

There are examples where kids and CSV live together in a family. You have to be very cosequent in educating you dog because the love playing rough. CSV are protecting their complete pack including kids. Never leave a dog alone with children. 

Other dogs. 
CSV are very expressive. Not only gesture but body language as well. Their district and home is protected, also by barking. Our dogs play with other dogs but they have their „personal enimies“ as well. They might be fighting with them- I do not know for sure because I never tried to have them together when I know they do not like each other. 

Unknown Visitors/People.
The home is protected impressive. If the doorbell rings or the postman arrives they are barking lot. Noone ever entered our property when the dogs were outside. Friends are greeted happy with jumping around and friendly barking (you can tell a difference in barking). Trusted Friends can do anything, strangers are carefully observed. They have their own mind who is a friend and who is an enemy. They decide whom they like and whom they dislike. Friends can do anything with the dogs- hugging, cuddling and go for a walk as well.

Dogs hairs in your food, footprints on the carpet, on the sofa a layer of dirt, dogs in your bed and the car stinks. This is living with wolfdogs. You do not mind? Fine, and what is your family saying?Only if your complete family agrees to live like this and to get a wolfdog he can move in, otherwise be sure there will be trouble.

So far our dogs seem to be pretty healthy. CSV have problems with HD like other breeds as well. I heard about 2 cases of epilepsy, and that’s about it. 
Our dogs were both sensitive with dry food containing soja. 
Food: We would love to feed raw flesh and bones, but it is too costly for us. We decided to feed dry food as well as raw food. They eat vegetables, eggs and yogurt. Their favourite food is fresh and raw of course. I do not like the idea of feeding extra additives, but gelantine seems to be good for our old dog. And chicken is very good to digest. 
I like the combination of fresh and dry food. I think it the best I can do and the dogs seem to like it and live with this combination very good. Their blood results are always good and there seem to be nothing missing. And I love the white teeth after eating bones. 

For me it is very important to inform a little about vaccinations, because many people are not informed very good. It is a great thing to be well informed and to trust a vet. But some things we should all know. Please visit alternative websites for information. Immunisation should take place when the puppies do not have any maternal antibodies. You can find out when the best time is, by testing the pups. 
And any time living vaccinate is used, there is no need the have your dogs vaccinated over and over again every year. This stuff lasts for many years. 
Make sure rabies vaccination is done AFTER the 2nd teeth are there and not before. Do not believe anything your vetinary is telling you- check it yourself! Do not forget: They get paid by the pharmacy industrie as well- often pretty good. If you are not sure, if you dog has enough rabies antibodies you can make a titer test. Blood is sent to a lab and they can tell you exactly if your dogs is safe or not. 

Because it is such a young breed you can follow almost each CSV back to the root. Offsprings from a mating Wolf and Dogs are F1 Hybrids. At both of our dogs it is possible to get back to the beginning. 
To give you an idea about this: 8 Generations from Calus father there was the wolf Argo and the german Shepard Asta z SNB. 6 Generations from her mothers side there was the female wolf Brita and the german Shepard Kurt z Vaclavcy. 
For this reason it is very important to supervise and support the breed that they can establish.