Can a CSV learn commands? 

Of course. They are independent and decide on their own, what make education a little bit harder. Important is to confirm the dog if he does something right. Cursing and shouting does not really help. 

Can you train a CZW? 

Yes, it is possible. Our experience is, that it is harder and takes longer to train intelligent dogs (which CSV are). If you are creative and know many great fun games, if you know the favourite toy of you dog you can reach many things. They hate routine and the same excises over and over again but love fun parcour tracing and searching games. 

Leave you CSV alone? 

Question: Do you want new furniture? 

We trained to stay home alone from the beginning. We did not have much success. There were days the dogs was home alone up to one hour, and nothing happend, there were days the dogs was at home alone for 10 minutes and something was destroyed. We know owner who can leave their dog alone for quiete a long time (up to 6 hours- no dogs should be alone for much longer anyway). On the other hand we know people having their dog in a kennel or in a box or locked away when he has to be alone. I actually love their howling, unfortunately my neighbours do not. Ok, it can be loud and pushing. 

Have one dog alone? 

No Problem, when the dog is with you all the time, not alone for long then you can have a CSV ast he only dog. But think about this: YOR ARE HIS PACK. HIS COMPANION an you have to replace his pack and be there for him all the time. Are you able and willing to do so? 

Have a pack of dogs? 

CSV belong in a pack. But it is possible, that there is trouble in the pack because of his dominance. BE AWARE OF THIS. There can be fights for the leading role. The wolf inheritance is obvious. You should know this before getting some more dogs. Make sure you know exactly what you want. Have the dogs together? Have the dogs seperated (thing about it when you have a couple of dogs. Can you separate the dogs if it is necessary? Do you want male dogs? Female dogs? A pair? This is the easiest constellation, but thing about what it happening when the female is in the heat. Do you have the opportunity to separate them? 

Have a CSV and kids? 

Well, many people live together with a CSV and kids, I would not recommend it, but this is my personal opinion, because they play pretty hard and you need to be wide awake all the time. But I have seen some families now were it worked very good. The family and the dogs were happy. So it depends on your attitude.