Our FCI-VDH kennel „von der Heinrichshoehle“

Spring 2005 Calu had all necessary Exams, Veterinary checks, HD- X-Ray result and show titles to be a breed dog within the VDH regulations (she could be as well a breed dog in the origin countries). 

For a while I was not sure if I wanted her as a breed dog. Finally, after seeing many dogs in summer 2005 if was sure, that she is a great dog and it is a waste not to breed with her. She is strong minded, healthy bitch with a great appearance. So I was asking for the breeding permission and I also asked to have a kennel protected at the same day. 

October 18, 2005 Calu got her Breeding permission
January 18, 2006 we were allowed the FCI-VDH Kennel ”von der Heinrichshoehle”

Our goals when breeding: 

We want open and friendly dogs with a balanced character. Their appearance should be harmonic and beautiful. All offsprings should be able to work at all kind of sports. 

They should be self-confident and sovereign and able to accompany and protect their family at any time and at any place. We would like to give our puppies to active people who are willing to work with the dogs. They should live in the family at any time and be a member of the family. Not just a dog.